NII customers must agree to the following Terms and Conditions

Network Innovations is an internet service provider serving New England with reliable, superior internet access, electronic mail and web hosting. Our commitement to quality is our highest priority. We've been providing solutions to businesses since 1996.

Network Innovations Inc. (NII) makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied with respect to our products and services. The Customer agrees to hold NII, its Employees, Stock-Holders and Vendors harmless of any damage or liability (direct or indirect) resulting from the use of our products and services. NII will make every reasonable effort to ensure reliability and availability of our products and services. However; NII disclaims any warranty that our services shall be ‘error free’ or without interruption.

NII will make every reasonable effort to protect the Customers Electronic mail and documents from loss or access by unauthorized parties. However; NII makes no guarantee of the Privacy of Electronic Mail or Documents stored on equipment owned by NII or transmitted through our network. NII strongly recommends that the Customer encrypt their sensitive documents or electronic mail before transmission through our network or the Internet. NII will not be held liable for the loss of files stored on or transmitted via equipment owned by NII. NII strongly recommends the customer maintain backup copies of their files.

The Customer assumes responsibility for the security of their equipment while using the services of NII. The Customer is aware that linking their computer to the Internet through NII makes their equipment vulnerable to hackers, viruses and other attacks including 'denial of service'.

The Customer agrees not to use NII products or services in violation of any local, state, or federal law. These violations include (but are not limited to) credit card fraud, hacking (that is, attempting to gain unlawful access to private computer systems), slander, and the transmission of threats or harassment.

The Customer agrees not to use NII products or services for any of the following activities:
    a.  to send unsolicited commercial email, unsolicited bulk email  and/or email with misleading or forged headers.
    b.  to post commercial messages to usenet newsgroups which do not allow them.
    c.  to cross post a single usenet message to more than 20 different groups.
    d.  to attempt to disrupt or interfere with the normal operation of NII's or anyone else's network services.
    e.  to attempt to circumvent NII's security and/or accounting systems for any purpose.

NII reserves the right to terminate the account of any customer violating any of the above conditions without refund and without prior notice. The customer will be liable for any damages or expenses incurred by NII as a direct result of the customer violating these terms and conditions.

NII will not be responsible for long distance charges resulting from a customer dialing into NII. It is the customers responsibility to insure the number being dialed is local.

The Customer assumes all responsibility for the content received from the Internet when using NII services and accounts. The Customer must follow all Trademark, Copyright and Patent laws pertaining to the content received over the Internet or from NII's Web Pages, Manuals, Documents, distribution media or White Papers. The Customer agrees to hold NII harmless for any inappropriate, questionable or illegal materials obtained over the Internet or stored on equipment owned and operated by NII.

Parents assume all liability and responsibility for the content viewed by their children through the Internet and the services of NII.  While NII does not in any way endorse censorship, the parent might consider monitoring their children's activity. Parents might also consider the use of software to restrict the use of the Internet.  These ‘restrictive’ software packages are available through various retail outlets.  NII assumes no responsibility over the use or effectiveness of such software.

Payments are due within 10 days of the billing date. Payment received after 10 days will be considered delinquent and subject to a late fee. Returned or 'Bounced' checks are subject to a $10 fee. Network Innovations reserves the right to make changes to our rates from time to time. Credit Card billing is done automatically on a monthly 'pay ahead' basis. A customer wishing to cancel their account will be refunded the appropriate pro-rated amount when applicable, however the 'sign-up’ fee (or installation fee) is non-refundable.  Accounts overdue beyond 15 days may be subject to suspension and a $10 re-activation fee.

NII reserves the right to cancel a Customers account for any reason, at any time. The Customer remains responsible for all fees and charges incurred prior to termination or cancellation.

NII reserves the right to make modifications to these terms and conditions at any time without further notice.

Privacy Statement: Network Innovations will not disclose, resell or share your personal information with any third party company or affiliate other than what is necessary to provision service.

Violations of these terms and conditions by NII Customers should be reported to: When reporting violations please include as much information as possible.  For email violations, please include full header information.

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