Finding information on the Internet involves using Search Engines or Directories

The following links represent some of the Internet's best resources for searching the World Wide Web

Magellan provides both directory listings and comprehensive reviews of web sites based upon their quality of their content and th e presentation of material. While Magellan provides fewer web sites to choose from (compared to Yahoo), these web sites typically feature "above average" quality.

Yahoo remains the undisputed favorite d irectory service for many Internet users. Yahoo presents a series of general topics such as Arts, Business, Science... Then provides more specific topics after making your selection.

Altavista contains an index of millions of web pages covering any topic imaginable! You provide a word or phrase that best describes the topic your interested in and Altavista checks the index and displays various web pages containing the word(s) or phrases you requested. Providing more specific information (sometimes called keywords) to Altavista yields better results!

#1 Online Shopping Guide in the World

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Ask Jeeves allows users to ask questions in plain English such as "Where can I find the score of tonight's RedSox game?" It searches all the major search engines (i.e. Yahoo!, Infoseek, Lycos, Hotbot, Web Crawler, and AltaVista), and presents the user with popup menus of results.
Web Lens is a simple site, but contains extremely helpful net search guides. "Search basics," "search engines, " "metasearch" and "reference tools" are just some of the subjects available.